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 furnished room for rent in Richmond, BC, Canada  


  New Century Real Estate Ltd., Vancouver    New Century Real Estate Ltd.

  New Century Real Estate Ltd., 400 - 535 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6C 2Z4

   Natalia Garbuzova, Property Manager, Lease Up Rental Agent
  Direct Line (phone or text): 778.317.6393

Relocation - Rental Homefinding Assistance
personalized, professional response to the unique needs of transferees

Getting the service of a professional rental agent service instantly lessens the stress of relocation offers Relocation Assistance, Property management at origin - that will help achieve the highest results when you decide to list your home, finding a place to stay helping companies with international relocations for employees

 Specific marketing steps below are just a snapshot of some of online marketing means will implement for your needs. To learn about our complete marketing plan, please contact us for an appointment.

Info:    residential and commercial properties rentals or sales by owner information publishing, referral services, and info to assist owners to rent or sale their own real estate).

Email: - contact us to advertise your rental property online, etc.

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relocation  services: 

  1. Relocation assistance was established by Natalia to address a need for a service which   genuinely recognised that each relocation is different and that all relocatees have differing   expectations. Advice on furniture hire or purchase if required.

  2. Natalia provides specialist services to both corporate clients and private individuals and ensures each maximises their chance of achieving a successful relocation.

  3. Contact with client pre-arrival obtaining a comprehensive Needs Analysis.

  4. Dedicated Home Search is an accompanied assistance program
  securing a suitable rental home for the executive and family.

  5. Finding a new condo/house/townhome (accommodation), introducing fresh expats to the local culture.   6. Negotiation and advice on rental terms and conditions.

  7. Information and explanation on the clauses of the tenancy agreement, an addendum (if any) and other documentations. in legal contracts, an addendum is an additional document not included in the main part of the contract which may contain additional terms, specifications, provisions, standard forms or other information.

  8. Help on moving-in day including coordinating rental or client’s own furniture arrival times.

  9. Thorough house inspection and check of condition report (for the purpose of protecting you from any discrepancies that may prevent bond / security damage deposit return).

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 For guests relocating to Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, White Rock and New Westminster, BC, Canada from out of town, we provide advertising online services to help you secure accommodations prior to your  moving date. The properties rent quickly so be sure to act promptly to secure your ideal home.

 furnished room for rent in Richmond, BC, Canada


 We want your experience in Vancouver and Burnaby, BC, Canada to be of highest quality and comfort
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