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 FirstStayBC offers info and contact details for upscale furnished rooms in Vancouver and Burnaby, BC, Canada
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 furnished room for rent in Richmond, BC, Canada  


 New Century Real Estate Ltd., Vancouver    New Century Real Estate Ltd.
  New Century Real Estate Ltd., 400 - 535 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6C 2Z4
  Certified rental agent that are licensed Property Managers that specialize in the rentals:

  Natalia Garbuzova, Licensed Property Manager, Lease Up Rental Agent
  Kevin Shaughnessy, Licensed Property Manager; Keiko Norisue: Rental Managing Broker
   Direct Line: phone and / or text 778-317-6393

Marketing Your Property offers real estate online marketing plan, that will help achieve the highest   results when you decide to list your home. Specific marketing steps below are just a snapshot of  some of online marketing means will implement for your needs. To learn about  our complete marketing plan, please contact us for an appointment.

 Natalia's Advantages:
   Knowledgeable: Professional Knowledge of the Strata Property Act;
  Hardworking: Extensive working hours - 7 days a week, over 10 hrs a day;
  Advanced service: providing the good service before and after the tenancy;
  Adequate resources referrals. You're getting a team - not just 1 agent!
  Sophisticated negotiation skill: Professional selling skill; Showings of rental homes daily.
  Wealthy contacts: Active Social networking with Immigration companies, Financial groups;

Info:    residential and commercial properties rentals or sales by owner information publishing,  referral services, and info to assist owners to rent or sale their own real estate. Online Publishing services: for leases/sales by owner (advertising on and

Email: - contact us to advertise your rental property online, etc.

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  Tenant Background Check services:     and    Equifax . Tenant screening  includes Tenant Screening Services like Tenant Checks, Tenant Background Screening and  Tenant credit report. Reducing rental income loss by obtaining a tenant screening credit report  and a tenant background check is what savvy landlords and property managers do.

a snapshot of some of  online  marketing: 

  1. Web Presence - a solid web presence with personal network of websites

  2. Google adwords campaign for every individual property - advertise with AdWords ads

  3. One webpage per property with photos and detailed description, if necessary

   4. Video on

  5. Advertising via Twitter - account - each new listing, showing      and price are broadcast to the world via Twitter account

  6. Advertising via The New Facebook Marketplace Powered by Oodle, Craigslist, Zumper,       PadMapper, Kijiji, Real Rentals, Rent Planet, Viewit, Placebee, Instagram, etc. in English,       French, Mandarin Chinese and Russian languages

  7. Advertising via LinkedIn and via

  8. Flat fee listing for homes, vacational properties, relocation or rental

  9. Effectively targeted Email Marketing campaigns

  10. MLS Listings exposure for Rental Commercial properties

  11. Ads in print in the immediate areas in the community billboards, when applicable

  12. Your Property will be promoted aggressively to qualified clients around the world

  13. Using a the "six degrees of separation" and commercial real-estate techniques

  14. Helpint to make a home appeal to people with a number of different lifestyles

  15. Hosting agents-only open house, regular open houses upon owners request

  16. Working around prospects busy schedules, daily showings between 9am and 9pm

We can help Landlords to determine, as part of their apartment marketing strategies and business planning, whether to rent out their apartments and/or homes as fully furnished, partially furnished or as empty and unfurnished unites. Each one of these options has its own set of pros and cons which landlords should weigh very carefully against each other, against the current rental market, against the functionality and purpose of the property itself and, lastly, against the targeted tenants. We have the skills and resources necessary to help you accomplish your rental real estate goals. We will make sure that your home will be well promoted Online as well as in more traditional ways. Rapport and clear communication are important. We will make sure that we understand your needs and expectations and that you understand the process and the agent's expectations of you. In short, specialized knowledge + quality tools + clear communication = we can deliver the results you want in the luxury and budget home arena.

It is the policy of this website to uphold current advertising standards. All ads, self administered or otherwise are subject to and must conform with the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards. Advertisers found to be in violation of these few simple guidelines may be removed without notice, and prohibited from advertising on this site.

Errors and Omission: Site administered ads (paid ads) are implemented upon acceptance with confirmation via Email. This site does not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by an error or inaccuracy in the placement of an advertisement beyond the amount paid for the space actually occupied by the portion of the advertisement in which the error occurred. Request for adjustments or corrections on charges must be made within 15 days of implementation of the ad. For best results please check your ad for accuracy the first day it appears. No Obligation to Post Content. We have no obligation to post any content from you or anyone else. In addition, we may, in our sole discretion, edit, remove or delete any content that is posted by us including posted by us on your behalf. We reserve the right to modify, update or refuse to post any content that we might deem inappropriate, inaccurate, outdated, misleading and otherwise unacceptable by us. This site's purpose is to present quality real estate properties to prospective renters, lessors and buyers. We also present and advertise our services to the general internet audience. Acceptable uses of this site include only the following uses: use by prospective tenants and buyers to search for real estate properties, use by prospective real estate owners to learn about and obtain our services. All other uses will constitute a breach of the site's Terms and Conditions.

 For guests relocating to Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, White Rock and New Westminster, BC, Canada from out of town, we provide advertising online services to help you secure accommodations prior to your  moving date. The properties rent quickly so be sure to act promptly to secure your ideal home.

Recommendations for Natalia Garbuzova: “Natalia is well known for her thoroughness, accountability and task management skills. She focuses on professionalism and intelligent, adaptive change. She is constantly engaged in the evolution of consumer needs and behaviours. She has strong sense of responsibility, excellent customer services, and communication and presentation skills. In all of her business experiences, her motivation and energy has ignited her to work hard and accomplish goals” March 3, 2012, Peter P Z., ERES Managing Broker. “Really does work late, good at getting results.” March 3, 2012, Doron Grill, Property Manager, Lease-Up Rental Agent and Realtor, worked directly with Natalia at ERE Services. “Natalia is a creative and hard working business woman who is always seeking ways to make things better for her clients.” March 2012, Heather Bould, Marketing Director, BC

This is a reference for Natalia Garbuzova: I had rented from Natalia in the past and have found Natalia to be very professional in my dealings with her. The contract for the rental was clear and precise, and easy to follow. I would recommend Natalia for any work dealing with management, contracts, and rentals. Annette D.

Thanks for your help. Cory Schneider (professional ice hockey goaltender)
Best Wishes. Krik Alan McLean (retired professional ice hockey goaltender)

Your apartment has the perfect location; the condition of the suite is clean and well maintained. Really appreciate your great effort in helping me to keep within my budget. Thank you for your kindness and thank you for thinking of and providing everything we could need here. Chang Li.

Natalia was my landlord for 4 years. She was always polite and very helpful. She clearly explained the conditions of the contract, so there were never any misunderstandings or conflicts. Her responses to any requests regarding the rental unit were always dealt in a timely manner, and with a great deal of respect for your privacy. Sincerely, Miklash Z.

I am delighted to introduce Ms Natalia who helped me in renting my apartments to very reliable and good tenants. Natalia helped me with understanding the BC Residential Tenancy Act. Ikram.

Natalia posses great knowledge of real estate pre-sell, resale market in general and rental market for condos investment properties in particular, vacancy rates on different seasons and locations. Ludmila S., Owner of Matara Investments Inc. - Real Estate Investment Co.

Hi Natalia. Thanks so much for helping me and finding a good renter for my apartment. You are terrific! Thanks for you time and effort. Franziska. April 2nd, 2014.

Stayed at Natalia's property for 2 months. All worked out well, shw was helpful whenever we had anything come up and was very pleasand to deal with. Sebastian. May 2014. Location of the condo is brilliant. Natalia was extremely helpful and responsive. Excellent host. Eric. June 2014

Natalia Garbuzova provides first - class property management service to all her clients. She is professional, honest and hard working. I highly recommend her and the entire New Century Real Estate Property Management Team, especially Kevin Shaughnessy and Keiko Norisue. Best regards, Elena Erachova, Sutton Group - WestCoast Realty (Broadway). December 2014.

There is a perfect location and clean place. Natalia was very professional and polite, friendly and kind, thank you for everything. Dai Ki from Setagaya, Japan, May 2015.

The location of the home was in a very safe area of Yaletown. It was relatively close to the Yaletown - Roundhouse Sky train station which was convinient since we didnt rent a car. Natalia was very attentive to our needs, making sure that we had everyting in the place to suit our needs . I would definietly stay there again. Joel Baello from Los Angeles, California, June 2015

How to write a great ad: Competing for the attention from prospective tenants is very high nowadays; it depends on the neighborhood where your property is located, and if you’re listing during peak seasons. If lots of people are viewing the property but not completing an application that can mean that the property doesn’t show well, it is overpriced, or that you’re marketing to the wrong people. Obviously having your ads in the right place with the right message is fundamental to your success, so check the category where you’re placing your ad, if it’s condo, or suite in the house, or may be just a guest bedroom in an apartment. That information is very important, and it will help tenants to find desired property faster and less complicated. A potential tenant spending on average only a few seconds looking at the listing before deciding to look it through more carefully or move on to the next one. When making a decision that quickly, the only things that are matter are: 1) the photos; 2) the catchy headline; 3) the short and clear description. These are the three factors that make your listing competitive in attracting tenants. There’s a lot more to renting out your property than just a great ad, but this is the first step to the successful business.

Let our experienced team of professinals transform your vision for the rental goals of your investment property into reality. A dedicated New Century Real Estate Team will oversee each property customized marteking plan to ensure your satisfaction. Call / or text today Natalia G. and Kevin Shaughnessy, Licensed Property Managers at 778-317-6393 for free Rental Value Assessment!

 furnished room for rent in Richmond, BC, Canada

 With every job you will know that you get a Licensed + Ensured Professional Rental Manager


 We want your experience in Vancouver and Burnaby, BC, Canada to be of highest quality and comfort
property management company in Vancouver, BC, Canada
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