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Canadian Architecture. Its features, motives, materials and highlights:

/ By Architect Anastasia Rudenko /

 Canadian Flag

Canada is a multinational country, so its architecture includes samples of French Gothic and Renaissance, as well as English architecture of the Victorian era, which was the official image of the government, because Canada is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations:


The combining motives of the Canadian architecture are the elements of native Indian art, Aboriginal culture of the America’s continents. These motives are closely interwoven with the bright colors of the vast natural surroundings - the majestic cliffs, lakes and rivers, picturesque forests and mountains.

Canadian architecture is very sensitive to global trends, but it shows a unique personality. In the era of general environmental concern some of the manifestations, "victory over nature", such as, a bold bridge over a turbulent river or a new building, beautifully delivered over a rocky cliff, causing the unconditional admiration. (Lion’s Gate, Toronto, photo by AndyClark)

 Lion’s Gate Bridge, Toronto
Unique:   There are lots of beautiful and unique examples of Canadian architecture, such as typical Canadian cottages on the water.
Location:   Canada's geography is highly diverse, and there are thus important differences in architecture. In most of Canada building materials are abundant, and the price of lumber and stone are low. The major exceptions are the prairie and the far north, where wood is in short supply. In the far north transportation costs of all goods are extremely high, and any construction project is expensive.
 For the most part Canada is secure from major natural disasters that affect the architecture of other nations. However, the Canadian climate needs to be taken into account for every structure. Buildings need to be well insulated to protect their inhabitants against the cold of winter while also being able to withstand the heat of summer.

This is the district of 1000 Islands on the St. Lawrenceriver. And it is also the smallest international bridge in the world: only 3 meters long! It connects two islands, one of which is the Canadian and the second is American.

  Fitness Facilities     similar to the Loft feeling  

Buildings must be designed to survive the repeated cycle of freezing and thawing that can shatter stone and move buildings off their foundations. In parts of Canada, buildings must also be able to survive the heavy weight of snow, which can collapse certain structures. In coastal British Columbia, the region's heavy rainfall is a factor in weatherproofing buildings, and ignoring it can have expensive consequences.

 GYM    Swimming Pool

Canadian architects and builders carefully treated the French Gothic and Renaissance motifs absorbed Victorian England, aboriginal Indian culture - a synthesis of different trends and styles has allowed them to create a totally unique image of Canadian cities and villages. Each building is a functional, comfortable and, of course, beautiful piece of art. Majestic skyscrapers, breathtaking museums, glass domes, tend to fit into the surrounding landscape without destroying its beauty, but rather reflecting and emphasizing it. (Vancouver’s skyline)

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There are wide variety of styles in Canadian architecture, and plenty of absolutely different buildings and constructions. For example In Toronto, there is no single dominant architectural style. Buildings of Toronto vary in design and age, some of the structures date back to the mid-1800s, while other prominent buildings were built relatively recently in the 2000s.

 The Style, the spa, Starbucks and the news, the ambience at Madison Avenue.
  Carefree urban living near great shopping and convenient transportation - minutes from the Gilmore SkyTrain station     Skyrain arriving at Gilmore Station

  Here you can see amazing example of Renaissance architecture in the court building Osgoode Hall – architect F. Cumberland, or illustration of the modern style - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe'sToronto-Dominion Centre. Such outstanding combination of styles and genres creates the most beautiful and remarkable architecture that represents whole country. Pictures are taken from: torontopubliclibrary.typepad.com, www.snipview.com, www.ontario-canada-travel.com, forum.skyscraperpage.com, www.queenstreetlife.com

Author: Anastasia Rudenko holds Bachelor degree of Architecture from Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Ukraine, Specializes in “Architecture of buildings and structures”
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